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"Királyválasztó" = "King Enthronement" 2023

The King of the Hills in 2023:

KoronaXXXX. Királyválasztó finished!
Roland Noel Liszka defended his last year's title, and acquired the Crown for the second time after previous year. Dániel Tádics and Mario Hirschmugl (from Austria) became the other podium finishers. In the competition of the Pairs, Gábor Firtosvári and Donoven Hertlik were the fastest. The one-hour race has been won by the SuperVeteran rider Péter Apró.

Congratulations to all riders, many thanks to them for the participating; and to team members, organizing staff and spectators as well. See you in 2024 at the Királyválasztó!


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